Plated Dinner Service: 

Regale in the refinery of the Plated Dinner Service, complete with a full service staff polished to perfection. Ideal for upscale events such as weddings, galas and corporate dinners, this service style allows for guests to be individually served in their seats. 

Buffet Service:

Ease into the flow of the Buffet Service which allows guests a taste of everything. This self-serve option leaves room for customization and is best suited for events of a more agile nature. 

Family-Style Service:

Come together over communal platters of your choosing with the friendly Family-Style Service. Curated for intimate connection, this service adds charm and conviviality to any family affair.  

Cocktail Reception:

Tailored to the buzz of busy social events, the Cocktail Reception is a notably coordinated service style complete with an array of hors d’oeuvres paired with a selection of beverages. 

Tasting Menu:

Sink into the art of gastronomy with the Tasting Menu service, for gatherings geared towards the indulgence of sophisticated palettes. These multiple small courses will present guests with the secrets and art of creating finer flavors.  

Live Stations:

Explore the sensations of culinary excellence with live-cooking stations that aim to deliver uniqueness to catering solutions. Live station options include: sushi, sando sandwich, pizza, risotto and gnocchi, BBQ grill, desserts and ice cream.