May 24, 2022

Welcome to the New Culture of Cool

The story behind the brand

At Cool Inc, we dare to be different. We’ve seen a shift in the needs and desires in the Kingdom, and we’ve adapted to that change. We like to keep ahead of the competition, and, with the help of our tastemaker partners, we will continue to transform the leisure and hospitality industry in KSA as we know it.  

Cool Inc creates unique partnerships with exceptional global brands across major sectors to shape what’s cool in the Kingdom.  A beacon to both international and local tastemakers and trendsetters, we search the world to create the very best in luxury and lifestyle experiences, inspiring the innovators of tomorrow and sparking investment opportunities for the visionaries of the Kingdom.

We are the original curators of cool.

Why curators? 

As a society, we rely on experts to organize collections of art and culture worthy of our attention – think art museums, literary reviews, film festivals, music festivals and more. Cool Inc is here to provide that same service for your lifestyle choices, featuring only the exemplary experiences for our guests. We are your local experts on what’s cool in the Kingdom.