May 17, 2022

Meet the Chameleon

At Cool Inc, we are driven by a desire to enrich the lives of the visionaries and transform our hospitality industry forever by bringing the very best in luxury and lifestyle experiences to the Kingdom.

Our exclusive portfolio features leading brands from around the world – this is your inside track on what’s cool in the Kingdom. We work with local tastemakers and international trendsetters to have a hand in shaping the future of Saudi Arabia.  

So, what does Cool Inc have in common with a chameleon? We’re really glad you asked. 

As an instantly recognisable celebrity of the animal world, the chameleon is nothing if not adaptable. Distinctive and highly specialized, he is the embodiment of evolution and change. We thought: that sounds familiar. 

Hold on, it gets better. 

A characterful resident of the Arabian Peninsula, the chameleon stands out or blends in as he wishes. Charismatic and confident, the chameleon maintains a powerfully discreet presence.  Watching the world change through the unique panoramic lens of his independently mobile eyes, the chameleon effortlessly adapts to the status quo. 

Like the chameleon, Cool Inc has a vision. By keeping one eye on the future, and the other on the past, Cool Inc adapts, like the ever-so-cool chameleon, to an ever-changing world, without losing sight of the tradition, magic and mystery of Saudi Arabia.