Sep 05, 2022

Etymology of Cool

The origins of cool

The term ‘cool’ can be traced back to the 1930s, as we see the word beginning to appear in American English, used as a casual expression to mean something 'intensely good’. Skip forward a decade towards the 1940s and the term starts popping up within the jazz music scene, using cool as a reference to the way music was played. It wasn’t about what you played but how you were playing it. When we get to the 50’s and 60’s the term has become more fully formed, making appearances in pop culture, movies, fashion and dancing. The term started to surpass other informal superlatives such as groovy, smooth, awesome, phat and sweet. But it was even more than just a way to describe something, it became a way of life.

Fast forward to the present day and cool still stands supreme. However, with social media being such a huge influence, the pressure to be cool is at its peak, leading people to lose their identity and follow the mainstream. Now more than ever, cool means authenticity. It’s not something that can be forced, but is about owning what makes you unique, and fulfilling your desire to live your best life.

What’s cool about Cool Inc

One characteristic of cool that has been constant throughout generations is being the first - doing something that hasn’t been done before, being trendsetters and tastemakers. Cool Inc offers experiences that will be a first for the Kingdom, never before seen. It’s an opportunity to shape the future of lifestyle in KSA, and for people to be a part of it. It’s about creating a community where people can thrive, enjoy unique experiences outside of the mainstream and be among like-minded individuals.

Our aim is to change the way authentic and original food, travel and cultural experiences are discovered in Saudi Arabia. As curators of cool, we’ll do this by bringing the very best the world has to offer in innovative dining, leisure and travel, partnering with illustrious brands from Los Angeles to Tokyo and from London to Paris. This gives the chance for residents and visitors alike to connect and enjoy truly unforgettable moments together. 


Effortless individuality is the epitome of cool. What made icons such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Madonna have this edge? Ultimately, they weren’t trying to be anyone but themselves. They were always original and never imitated others. They defined what was cool. But how did they retain this aspirational label over the years, even after the masses copied their look? The moment ‘cool’ becomes mainstream, it’s no longer cool. Constant re-invention is essential to stay one step ahead. The truly cool don’t expire, they evolve. They re-write the rulebook of what cool is and so the cycle of cool continues. 


Whether it’s architecture, art, fashion, food, travel or music, cool evokes images of freedom, discovery, creativity, romance and escape. What’s cool is what’s curious, dynamic and driven by passion. It’s both in the moment and of the moment. And it’s not just a matter of taste, it’s a feeling that ignites all the senses. Cool’s authenticity carries a confidence that will guarantee its place in the history books.