Jan 6, 2023

Press release: Cool Inc Restaurants Announcement




Cool Inc, the lifestyle game changer curating a unique version of what’s Cool in Saudi Arabia, officially unveils the first phase of their mission aimed at enriching the Kingdom’s cultural, creative and leisure lifestyle experiences. Selecting the best in the world of F&B, the holding is set to introduce over 20 globally acclaimed culinary concepts officially debuting in 2023. Set in Saudi Arabia’s most vibrant cities, Riyadh and Jeddah, Cool Inc brings a wide array of concepts including studded Michelin-starred celebrity hotspots, as well as street style dining destinations loved by tastemakers from around the globe.

The announcement of Cool Inc’s Destination Dining & Member’s Clubs vertical is set to inject innovative hospitality into the culinary scene of the Kingdom connecting global industry experts with the visionaries and curators of tomorrow. Hand selected anchor brands form one of the many elements of the diverse portfolio of gastronomical spots to open including Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Scott’s, Sexy Fish, WAGYUMAFIA, Gymkhana and Madeo.

Cool Inc’s mission is driven by original thinkers possessing an unwavering desire to exceed guests’ expectations, inviting them to discover a plethora of unique experiences curated for the Kingdom. Cool Inc’s diverse and hand selected offerings guarantee an option for every taste and requirement, adding a personalised elevation for every occasion from fine dining, upscale culinary venues, to more casual dining experiences.

Motivated by unmatched quality, the leadership of Cool Inc garners and builds solid partnerships with global tastemakers, acclaimed brands and the masterminds creating them to bring new experiences to Saudi Arabia. Sinan Al Saady, Founder & Group CEO of Cool Inc expresses his thoughts on the launch of Cool Inc’s first vertical. ‘’In the pre-pandemic era, residents of the Kingdom spent roughly $22 billion a year in overseas travel for leisure, recreation, and tourism purposes. Keeping the current international climate and the welfare of Saudis at the forefront, we at Cool Inc believe in the success that these brands will bring by introducing favourite, globally acclaimed restaurants to both residents and visitors. The Launch of Cool Inc coupled with world-renowned F&B brands is set to transport the taste of the world to over 36 million residents across the Kingdom, and further fast-track the country’s status on the map for its innovative gastronomy’’ commented Al Saady.

On their partnership with Cool Inc, various partners express confidence in the leadership of the holding group.

A perfect fit for Riyadh’s discerning diners, Sexy Fish will be one of the most exciting, premium culinary spots to ever land in Saudi. We’re delighted to be partnering with Cool Inc and expanding our relationship through them, to the Saudi market., commented Richard Caring, British businessman, restaurateur, and the brain behind Caprice Holdings.

Chef and owner Hisato Hamada of WAGYUMAFIA, known for his varied portfolio of experiences, comments on his partnership with Cool Inc; “At WAGYUMAFIA, we pride ourselves on fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion of exploring unique, high quality, ingredient-driven culinary experiences. After our first successful experience in the Kingdom dating back to 2019, It is an honor to partner with Cool Inc, establish ourselves once again, and instill our belief within Saudi hospitality- that a memorable meal is a result of good food and good company.” As part of its journey, Cool Inc will be operating across integrated sectors forming an ecosystem of destination dining & members' clubs, bespoke travel, luxury lodging and adventure experiences as its key verticals. 


Cool Inc is a luxury and lifestyle hospitality holding, shaping the future of what’s cool in Saudi Arabia. Pioneering the transformation of the leisure and hospitality market in the Kingdom, Cool Inc combines the local entrepreneurial spirit with an affluent global skillset to provide consumer-centric experiences.

Cool Inc is committed to introducing a vibrant lifestyle to the Kingdom’s selective clientele, with an exclusive portfolio of leading destination dining & members' clubs, bespoke travel, luxury lodging and adventure experiences.



Bianca is brought to you by Gianni and Nicola Vietina of Madeo Ristorante in partnership with former-Four Seasons Hotel Executive Pastry Chef Federico Fernandez. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering a menu influenced by the owners’ roots – Italian, Argentinean and French. Bianca is dedicated to a wide selection of organic bread and decadent pastries baked daily.


One of the world’s most sought-after steakhouse concepts that started in Beverly Hills in 2006, CUT by Wolfgang Puck, is set to deliver innovation at every level through its unique culinary, service and design combination, providing guests with an unparalleled fine-dining experience and exceptional restaurant hospitality.


Emmy Squared Pizza was founded by Emily Hyland in Williamsburg Brooklyn in 2016. Offering quality ingredients and deliciously unique toppings, the Detroit-style pizza is marked by its square shape, crispy bottom, fluffy dough, cheesy “frico” crust and signature sauce stripes.

  1. FERDI

Ferdi, the one-of-a-kind, cult favorite establishment frequented by celebrities and royals visiting Paris, is bringing diners in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the spirit of Paris and the brand’s signature familial charm.

Founded by husband-and-wife team, Alicia and Jacques Fontanier and named after their son Ferdinand, Ferdi started out as an intimate family-run operation, which over the years has transformed into a must-visit Parisian location.


Inspired by the history of the Indian gymkhana clubs, the Michelin-starred flagship restaurant in London is set to bring curated flavors from across India through a modern interpretation of renowned classics.


Created by entrepreneur, tastemaker and chef, Joan McNamara, Joan’s on Third is one of LA’s most beloved institutions. This eatery is one known as much for its delicious menu as for its mouth-watering marketplace; from large gift crates and gourmet gift baskets, brimming with a combination of gourmet treats, to the freshest handmade items from Joan’s world class kitchens.


For several years now, the “rue Saint François de Paule” has hosted Le Comptoir de Nicole, a chic bistro that is described as a safe bet à la Niçoise. Far from the tourist addresses of the Riviera, Le Comptoir de Nicole is synonymous with authenticity and conviviality.


Named after the famous volcano in Naples, Le Vesuvio was first established in 1969 in Cannes, France. The restaurant is located on the promenade de la Croisette, one of the jewels of Cannes. A historic venue, time seems to stand still at Le Vesuvio and loyal guests return time after time for its soulful Italian food and convivial ambiance, often a ritual passed down through generations.

  1. MADEO

Madeo Ristorante (Riyadh, Jeddah) is a fine dining establishment with over 35 years of serving Italian cuisine. The menu features Tuscan dishes, pairing the freshest local ingredients with premium European elements to culminate in an unparalleled flavor experience. Known for its high profile clientele, Madeo welcomes guests with superior service. Madeo is brought to you by Alfio Vietina, Elvira Buffoni and their sons, Gianni Vietina and Nicola Vietina.


Founded by hospitality professional, cigar sommelier and industry personality Manu Harit, ManuH Cigars was built with the desire to create high-end cigar destinations with luxury service hospitality.


Made in Japan and born in Hong Kong, Mashi no Mashi is the first ever Japanese inspired Wagyu-focused Ramen eatery. Brainchild of WAGYUMAFIA founder, Hisato Hamada, the concept was created from the chef’s fond childhood memories of family food trips, with new discoveries and lasting flavors.


Over Under strips back coffee culture to what really matters, including great coffee, incredible hospitality and simple but delicious food, always providing good vibes. The Over Under Mission is to have a positive impact on someone’s day, it is the focus of the culture, customer service & community at the heart of Over Under.

  1. RAOUL’S

Raoul’s was conceived back in 1975 by two brothers, Guy and Serge Raoul, who had journeyed from Alsace, France, to Soho New York, where they found a little restaurant for sale on 180 Prince Street and opened the doors to what has today become one of the most celebrated French bistros in the United States.

  1. SCOTT’S

Amongst the five oldest restaurants in London, Scott’s was originally opened as an oyster warehouse in 1851 by a young fishmonger named John Scott, and rapidly evolved into the now famous seafood restaurant and oyster bar. By the time Scott’s moved to its current Mayfair location in 1968, Scott’s was one of the most fashionable and glamorous seafood restaurants in town, frequented by London’s film stars, politicians and writers through the decades.


Sexy Fish is an Asian restaurant and bar offering high-end glamour, surrealist décor and opulent culinary majesty. With opulent interiors, stunning artworks, and a diverse menu inspired by the seas of Asia, Sexy Fish offers an exclusive dining experience like no other- offering all day and late-night dining and entertainment experiences, transporting guests to a world of charm, enchantment and vibrancy.  


Wolfgang Puck's first restaurant, Spago opened in 1982 at the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, later moving to Canon Drive in Beverly Hills in 1997. The sleek and simple design of Spago has become an epitome of fine dining for restaurants around the globe, along with its iconic, market-driven menus and unparalleled level of service, which have taken it to a truly legendary status.  


WAGYUMAFIA is a collective of restaurants celebrating the qualities and versatility of Japan’s most famous beef through various dynamic concepts. With the title of serving the world’s #1 beef, they are also a leader in the Kobe beef export business. Chef Founder Hisato Hamada consistently tours the world, evangelising their product through events and pop-ups. Launched in 2016, WAGYUMAFIA became a global sensation after introducing the world’s most expensive sandwich, the Kobe Beef Chateaubriand Cutlet Sandwich, which has since become an often-imitated creation.


Redefining the age-old Japanese technique of grilling meat over a fire, YAKINIKUMAFIA by WAGYUMAFIA is a new addition to the dining scene of Saudi Arabia that celebrates sustainably raised, single-breed wagyu and cutting-edge butchery techniques that minimize wastage. While YAKINIKUMAFIA builds an ambiance that is exciting and high-end, it also brings an approachable and casual essence to attract a young audience.


Internationally renowned ELLE Magazine is prepared to spread the refreshing Parisian aura in the Middle East portraying a romantic affair of a young, independent woman with Parisian cafés - a comfortable space of tranquility and inspiration.


Transporting the scenic charm of quaint cafés from Parisian neighborhoods to Saudi Arabia’s fine-dining scene, Les Deux Magots, has announced the official opening of its doors in Riyadh. A destination that exemplifies its diverse historical journey, Les Deux Magots is one of the oldest cafés in Paris, where art, fashion, literature, come together to transport guests to a uniquely charming Parisian experience.


Spring Place is a workspace and member’s only club located in New York & Beverly Hills. Founded by Francesco Costa, Alessandro Cajrati Crivelli and Imad Izemrane in 2016, Spring Place combines luxury, exclusivity and collaboration with selective membership programs that are aimed at people that are interested in networking, communicating, and collaborating with other pivotal members in adjacent industries.